Our team at UnderDog is committed to delivering only the best products to you and your pet. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality products, and providing the highest level of customer service.

We treat every pet like they were part of our family. Everybody loves an UnderDog.



The Customer Service Pooch

Walt here! I love nothing more than making sure my fellow fluff faces are resting easy on their comfy air clouds (UnderDog bed). I have been working in customer service for my whole career and nothing makes me happier than making sure our customers are happy. I am not shy about asking for positive reviews and constructive feedback.

Joanne (Jo)

The Editorial Mutt

I do most of the writing for UnderDog, from social media content to blog posts. My goal is to make the important information available to my fellow pooch, I am asking the hard questions and providing the real answers, like “Darth Vader’s Guide to Dog Sleep on the DEATH STAR” – this really is essential reading. I also get in-depth with UnderDog’s products to provide the behind-the-scenes scoop that every dog needs to know.


The Product Development Puma

I am not the friendliest member of the UnderDog team, I guess that’s why they have Walt on the front lines, not me. I have a hard job – making sure UnderDog Products are up to snuff for all the “dogs” (I sneak in cat-serving features too, catnip-resistant cover that ensures you get every last flake – check). The dogs think they are in charge…because I let them think that.


The Fun Director Pup

All work and no play make for a sad workplace. I am in charge of making sure morale is high with our team and brining the FUN. Dock diving competition at lunch? Yes please. Happy Hour…on a TUESDAY? Yes, I think so. Frisbee in the yard during break time…oh yeah.


The Marketing fe-LION

Coordinating this herd of wild animals to spread the word about UnderDog…on it. Mae, you have one day…get a campaign built, distribute a cohesive marketing message, post a blog, and generate a social media strategy…read, set, go – Mae is on it. My motto is “Efficiency of a Jellyfish. Productivity of an Ant. Spirit of a LION”.


The Social Media Queen Dog

I am the social butterfly of our team! I love sharing with our followers and thinking of new ways to connect. Social media is our favorite way to keep in touch with customers, Walt and I work closely together to keep our UnderDog family close! #UnderDog #Love #RestEasy