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The UnderDog bed is an ideal addition to the post-op recovery process to aid in wound healing and to protect joints from further stress.

The UnderDog therapeutic bed provides an ideal surface for any pet to feel comfortable and relaxed on during laser therapy treatments, acupuncture, massage, reiki, other therapeutic sessions, post-op recovery, or just resting.

Helping your patients to be pain free is an appropriate goal, and the UnderDog Orthopedic Bed is an excellent addition to your suite of services and therapies.  Use it in your clinic and prescribe it to your clients so they can enjoy the same high-quality care and comfort at home that you provide in your clinic or therapeutic setting.

Please contact us if you have questions or would like to share your comments and photos!
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The Underdog Pet Bed is by FAR the best pet bed on the market and the one my patients prefer!

“I have found that the Underdog Pet Beds are unlike any other pet bed I have ever purchased. When our clinics first started using laser therapy to treat patients, we struggled finding a bed or surface that patients would get comfortable on…Until the day we first tried the Underdog Pet Bed. Patients that are receiving a series of treatments, trot into the beginning of their session just to be able to lay down on your beds!

We also have purchased additional beds for post-operative orthopedic patients as well as for pets that are being hospitalized in our clinic. Clients are amazed at how well their pets are moving after surgery or after a nights stay with us.

The covers of the bed are washable, stain resistant and have held up well to the daily wear and tear. The air chambers are easy to fill and have needed little adjusting. I have only needed to replace 1 Underdog Pet Bed after more than 5 years of use!

The rest of my purchases (more than 10) are because we continually find more patients that we need them for! The Underdog Pet Bed is by FAR the best pet bed on the market and the one my patients prefer!

Travis Arndt, DVM, St. Louis, Missouri

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Our canine athletes at VOSM love the UnderDog bed!

“With evidence-based orthopedic support, proprietary design, and airflow technology, these beds help regulate temperature and take pressure off sore joints and muscles after a long day of training or competition.

This bed deflates easily and with its durable cover, it can travel anywhere your sport takes you.”

Dr. Debra Canapp, DVM, CCRT, CVA