“The Underdog orthopedic bed was recommended by our surgeon Dr. Canapp before our dog’s elbow surgery. After the surgery, he needs to follow very strict crate resting. In the first two weeks, he stayed in his crate for more than 23.5 hours every day.

I’m so glad that I bought this bed for him. This bed is so comfortable and he absolutely loves it. I believe it helps his recovery.

I also have a second cover (the limited edition). With the second cover, Sunny can still use the bed when I wash and dry another one.”

L.C., Virginia, CCRT, CVA

Our canine athletes at VOSM love the UnderDog bed!
“With evidence-based orthopedic support, proprietary design, and airflow technology, these beds help regulate temperature and take pressure off sore joints and muscles after a long day of training or competition.
This bed deflates easily and with its durable cover, it can travel anywhere your sport takes you.”

Dr. Debra Canapp, DVM, CCRT, CVA

The Underdog Pet Bed is by FAR the best pet bed on the market and the one my patients prefer!

“I have found that the Underdog Pet Beds are unlike any other pet bed I have ever purchased. When our clinics first started using laser therapy to treat patients, we struggled finding a bed or surface that patients would get comfortable on…Until the day we first tried the Underdog Pet Bed. Patients that are receiving a series of treatments, trot into the beginning of their session just to be able to lay down on your beds!

We also have purchased additional beds for post-operative orthopedic patients as well as for pets that are being hospitalized in our clinic. Clients are amazed at how well their pets are moving after surgery or after a nights stay with us.

The covers of the bed are washable, stain resistant and have held up well to the daily wear and tear. The air chambers are easy to fill and have needed little adjusting. I have only needed to replace 1 Underdog Pet Bed after more than 5 years of use!

The rest of my purchases (more than 10) are because we continually find more patients that we need them for!

The Underdog Pet Bed is by FAR the best pet bed on the market and the one my patients prefer!”

Travis Arndt, DVM, St. Louis, Missouri

I highly recommend this bed! Amazing Customer Service!

”I am so happy that I found this company. I have the Underdog Orthopedic Pet bed for my girl who has been disabled since birth. We have tried several other beds, which she would just crawl off of after a short period. But not this bed, she stays on it all night long. She has muscle atrophy due to her paralysis which causes pressure points and can be very uncomfortable for her, but this bed definitely caters to her special needs. My other dogs love this bed as well and they all take turns napping on it.

This company also has absolutely amazing customer service.

If your dog has joint issues or any sort of disability, I highly recommend this bed!”

Stephanie C., Canada

Willow (AKA Willow on Wheels)

Hands Down-BEST Orthopedic Bed EVER!

This bed is absolutely INCREDIBLE!! We got this bed for our dog who desperately needed an orthopedic bed. She has mobility issues and doesn’t have use of her back legs- so she is laying down most of the time. And after just sleeping on blankets on the floor, this bed was a LIFE CHANGER for her!

After getting this bed, it is very obvious how much better rested she is-, and she is much more energetic after a good nights sleep on it!

It’s also liquid repellent, which is awesome because sometimes she has accidents- and the cover comes right off and is machine washable.

She absolutely LOVES this bed, and since it such a nice big size, our other (even older) dog can also lay down on it with her.
I cannot say enough how amazing this bed is! I would give it 100 stars if I could! I highly recommend this bed to anyone who has older dogs, dogs with mobility issues- or just ANY dog really! Not to mention, the customer service is also amazing.

Thanks Underdog Pet Products!!

Hannah S., Ohio

Marley’s Mom


This is the Real Deal

“Great” does not do this bed justice. I believe this is the only real orthopaedic bed on the market. This is now my second Underdog bed. I bought the first one three years ago, for my two Bassadors (the XL fits both of them nicely and is still in pristine condition). I have since gotten a puppy, so I purchased an additional bed for him (more on that below).

Here’s what makes these beds amazing:
1) This really IS an orthopaedic bed. I have two Bassadors, both with joint issues due to their breed. Rather than medicate with pain meds, I have chosen the alternative route. Within a week of sleeping on the bed, Jackson’s joint stiffness and get up and go was markedly improved. I also moved them across the country with them in the backseat on their Underdog. Even after hours in the car for two days, no limping from either of my boys.

2) Durability and comfort-The Underdog is by far the most popular of beds in the house. I have admittedly made the mistake of going with cheaper beds. Eddie the puppy will by-pass those beds and has pretty much taken over his brothers’ Underdog – hence my purchasing this bed just for him. He has no joint issues, he’s just a spoiled dog and wants his Underdog bed.

Which leads to the durability discussion- I’ve spent a significant amount of money on a variety of other beds, all of which have been destroyed. Puppy Eddie has not destroyed either of our Underdog beds. This bed is worth the money. Enough said on that subject.

3) Easy to clean- as I said earlier, the bed that is three years old is still in pristine condition. Whenever it’s dirty I simply unzip the cover, throw in the wash and, voila- all clean. The fabric is stain resistant and water repellent, which has come in handy with some puppy accidents.

I really never would have thought I would have this much to say about a dog bed. However, when you love your dogs as much as I do, you’ll do anything to keep them out of pain. Underdog beds are the real deal. So, if you have a dog with issues (or simply a spoiled rotten dog), the Underdog is your bed!

Rachelle B., North Carolina


This bed has been a life-saver!

“Our 14 year old SPCA mix is about 45-50 lbs. Problems are hip dysplasia, miscellaneous bumps, sore muscles and creaky bones. We got a medium size bed and it fits her well. Unlike the foam or pillow beds, she is able to stay on this bed comfy and quiet for hours, all day or all night without constantly moving around. This bed has a waterproof bottom to deal with occasional incontinence, and 2 heavy-duty rubber-like multi-compartment air pads. For the love, loyalty, and comfort that my old girl has given us all these years, it is so nice to be able to give her back this kind of comfort when she needs it. This bed has been a life-saver for my house, my rugs, and my floors… but mostly for my dog. I am so glad to have found such a treasure.

This is the medium bed, with 2 well-made inflated pads in zipper cover. It has a heavy- duty waterproof bed bottom.”

Deb C, California

This bed is WELL worth the money!
“We still love this bed–has held up like a champ for over three years! AND even with a new puppy- he has surprisingly not been able to destroy this bed unlike all the other cheap beds we’ve purchased! We love that it is machine washable and so durable. WELL worth the money!”

Lyn S., North Carolina


Helps ease his pain

“Last week I received my Underdog bed for my 10 year old Shih Tzu who has hip issues. He has seemed restless for the last 6 months and I was looking for something to help ease his pain. The last five nights he has slept in the bed without moving. And I can’t blame him. The bed is made up of several air pockets that distribute his weight. He just looks more comfortable when he is on his bed and doesn’t move and fidget as much. Makes me rest easier knowing he is!”

Adam H., Missouri

This dog bed is the best one I have ever bought

“We have had many dog beds but they all ended up in the trash due to them falling apart, and because we couldn’t wash them effectively to get stains or odors out.

But that is not even the main reason for this purchase. I read about how the flexible inner cell air technology that would help with our dog’s pressure points. Yes- it does work and my dog loves it!  Kept trying with the memory foam beds but my dog just sank into it. With the Underdog bed my dog stays still and the bed keeps the pressure off his hips. No more hobbling around when he gets out of bed. My dog can rest freely with this bed and not sink anymore into the bed with memory foam or cheap cotton ones. Great warranty and bed felt and looks well made. Cheap price to see our “Rascal” getting a better sleep.”

Paul H., California

This bed is his favorite!

“I bought this bed a few months ago for my puppy Yogi Bear. This bed has a lot of great qualities–right out of the box I knew it was well made and that it had a chance of outlasting the brutal puppy stage. He’s a chewer and I was trying to find a bed that would be able to endure his ferociousness. I think I found it!! The mattress cover is obviously well stitched (I do a lot of sewing and notice these things), the zipper is top notch, and the rubber pad on the bottom is super thick. Yogi had an accident and I appreciated that the urine didn’t soak through the cover and it washed up well. I’ve washed it twice since in the delicate cycle and let it air dry. I can tell it will withstand more washings. The insert was super easy to inflate and set up. I like that I can adjust the amount of air that I put in it. I tried out a couple of different hardnesses (is that a word?) to see if my pup preferred it one way or another. Having the option to do that was nice. I decided he liked something a litter firmer for his wiggly butt. Since I’m a new pet owner I bought a bunch of random stuff to see what Yogi would like, including some cheaper dog beds. I just left them in different areas of the house to see what he would choose and this bed is definitely his favorite. I knew it was his favorite when I saw him trying to drag it to his favorite napping spot (the rubber bottom prevents it from sliding around). I also noticed that he doesn’t chew this one up like the other ones. The other beds quickly lost their shape or smelled disgusting and didn’t clean up well at all. Or they got chewed and tore easily. I plan to have Yogi Bear for quite a long time and I’m glad I was able to invest in this bed. I have to admit that it is a bit expensive, but it will be worth it. Yogi and I both love it!”

Renee B., Kansas

Yogi Bear

Our 2 Dachshunds love it!

“Before retiring I was in the medical/surgical manufacturing & distribution industry for 34 years. One of my top product lines was pressure management for the prevention of pressure ulcers (bed sores). That Product was manufactured by the same company that is being utilized by UnderDog Therapeutic Rest Systems. We have two miniature Dachshunds and they love their UnderDog bed. I am sure that larger dogs would experience even more benefits from this pressure relief system.”

Kelly B., Kansas

Thanks for a great product!
Pixel loves her Underdog Bed! I got it before our 2 day drive to Tulsa for the AKC Rally National. Wanted to make sure she was as comfortable as possible. We had an awesome time and had a personal best score of 100!!!
She was feeling great for the big event. Thanks for a great product!
Cathy B., New York
We Love the bed so much!
My girl Maya took a while to adjust to it but that’s just her weird side. Worth every penny and to be honest… my dog has a better bed than me.
It comes in many sizes and colours and the owner is the sweetest !
Brendon D., Canada