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The saying, “Everyone loves an UnderDog”, is real, especially when it comes to UnderDog beds.  You are on this page because you are a pet lover, likely searching for the best product you can provide for your best friend.  We are happy you found us, and you made a great choice! 

We are pet lovers as well and have devoted our time and energy to providing a product you and your pet will love.  May we tell why?  Hopefully you said yes in your head.

Our pets rely on us for their every need, and as responsible pet owners it’s our job to prevent suffering, and keep them safe, happy, comfortable, and healthy. With so many products on the market these days, how do you find what’s best?  If it’s the cheapest price you’re looking for, that’s not us.  However, if you are someone who appreciates quality, craftsmanship, function and value for the dollar, look no further!

The UnderDog bed is the only therapeutic bed that provides solutions for the following pets:


    1. Young and healthy: Why wait until they are older to provide an appropriate resting place? Start the preventive process for the inevitable issues of advanced-aged pets early, especially with breeds that are predisposed to certain conditions and diseases (see list below).


    1. Active: Service Animals/Sporting Dogs/Agility Dogs/Show Dogs/Therapy Dogs: Imagine you’ve just spent a tough day at the gym or playing weekend warrior. Would you like to come home and sleep on the hardwood floor or some crappy mattress?  If not, don’t think your canine athlete would want to either.  You’ve invested a lot of hard earned money in your pet. Why stop short at their resting spot, where they spend a majority of their time?  They spend more time resting than performing, so why not make it the best spot possible? And, providing them with this revolutionary bed will allow them to rest better, and therefore perform better.


    1. Limited mobility: Whether your pet relies on a wheelchair to get around or just isn’t able to get around comfortably for one reason or another, pets with limited mobility are extra prone to pressure sores and are prime candidates for an UnderDog bed.


    1. Senior Citizens: You may not be to the AARP stage yet, but let me tell you- the older we get, the more we hurt…and your pet feels the same way.  The only problem is, they get there 7X faster.  The UnderDog Therapeutic Bed is the answer!


Let us share a few of the reasons why this bed should be your first choice in providing comfort for your pet:

  • Flotation Technology: “Strong enough for a pet, made for a human”. With over 35 years of scientific research and clinical studies behind it, this technology is used in hospitals, nursing homes, extended care facilities and rehab centers around the world. Remember, Pets sleep approximately 60%-70% of the day.
    • The UnderDog bed provides the best comfort available during extended bed rest, which is exactly what your pet does every day.
  • 100 Year Warranty. Could we offer that on a low quality bed?  The answer is NO!
  • Cover is:
    • Stain Resistant
    • Liquid Resistant
    • Odor Resistant
    • Anti-Microbial
    • Machine Washable
  • Leading Veterinarians use the UnderDog bed in their practices, prescribe them to their clients, and use them for their own pets. It’s so comfortable you’ll WANT to sleep in the dog house!
  • Made in the USA


The UnderDog bed can help your faithful companion:

  • Seniors (7-12 years old, depending on the breed)
  • Breeds predisposed to joint/spinal issues
  • Hip Dysplasia (signs include: stiffness of the joints; difficulty standing up, lying down or climbing stairs; reluctance to play or exercise; limping/lameness; exhibiting pain when touched; a narrow stance)
  • Elbow Dysplasia (signs include: diminished range of motion; signs of pain/discomfort when flexing or extending the elbow; lameness that is worsened by exercise; stiffness, especially after rest; grating of the bone and joint; fluid build-up in the joints)
  • Degenerative myelopathy
  • Spinal injury/disease
  • Post-operative


“I highly recommend this bed!” “Amazing Customer Service!”

“I am so happy that I found this company. I have the Underdog Orthopedic Pet bed for my girl who has been disabled since birth. We have tried several other beds, which she would just crawl off of after a short period. But not this bed, she stays on it all night long. She has muscle atrophy due to her paralysis which causes pressure points and can be very uncomfortable for her, but this bed definitely caters to her special needs. My other dogs love this bed as well and they all take turns napping on it. This company also has absolutely amazing customer service. If your dog has joint issues or any sort of disability, I highly recommend this bed!”

Stephanie C.


Willow AKA Willow on Wheels


“My dog seeks this bed out”

“The dogs in our rehab clinic, and even my own dog, seek this bed out over other beds.”

Dr. Debra C.



“My miniature Dachshunds love their UnderDog bed”

“Before retiring I was in the medical/surgical manufacturing & distribution industry for 34 years. One of my top product lines was pressure management for the prevention of pressure ulcers (bed sores). That product was manufactured by the same company that is being utilized by UnderDog. We have two miniature Dachshunds and they love their UnderDog bed. I am sure that larger dogs would experience even more benefits from this pressure relief system.”

Kelly B.
Overland Park, KS





Lee’s Summit, Missouri


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