An Advanced, Therapeutic Rest

Proven in human medicine, recommended by veterinarians

The last pet bed you will ever buy

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The only rest based on science


Recover after activity with a therapeutic rest.


Back to a high level of activity, faster

Why Does Your Athlete Need an UnderDog?

The UnderDog bed is based on over 35 years of scientific evidence to provide your athlete with the most therapeutic rest.  The Air Flotation Technology is medically proven to provide therapeutic benefits to your athlete resulting in faster return to a high level of activity after competition or a vigorous day of training.

Therapeutic benefits include:

Reduces painful pressure points on sensitive joints
Improves circulation
Increased energy and activity level from a therapeutic rest

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Therapeutic Rest for…

  • Athletes
  • Post-Surgical Patients
  • Pets with Chronic Pain & Injuries

Therapeutic Benefits

Air Flotation Technology provides the most therapeutic rest

Veterinarian Recommended

Endorsed by the veterinarians who treat canine athletes

100-Year Limited Warranty

30-Day risk-free satisfaction guarantee

USA Manufacturer

Hand-made in the Midwest

Superior Quality

Durable construction that stands the test of time (and nails)


Stain and odor resistant cover


Our canine athletes at VOSM love the UnderDog bed!

“With evidence-based orthopedic support, proprietary design, and airflow technology, these beds help regulate temperature and take pressure off sore joints and muscles after a long day of training or competition.
This bed deflates easily and with its durable cover, it can travel anywhere your sport takes you.”

Dr. Debra Canapp, DVM, CCRT, CVA